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Photo-Brush 5.30 تحميل برنامج فوتو بروش

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صورة Photo-Brush 5.30 تحميل برنامج فوتو بروش
تحميل برنامج فوتو بروش تعديل الصور Photo-Brush برنامج تستطيع عمل من صورك تحفة رائعة تستطيع من خلاله أضافة التأثيرات على صورك وعمل براويز رائعة

والتلاعب في الألوان وتستطيع مزج بين الصور وعمل الكثير الكثير بواسطة هذا

البرنامج ويوفر لك البرنامج الكثير من الأمكانيات الرائعه للتحكم والرسم تستطيع عمل تواقيع رائعة لك بواسطة

هذا البرنامج وكذلك تستطيع تصميم بطاقات رائعة ويوجد في البرنامج الكثير من الفلاتر لوضع لمساتك الرائعة على الصور برنامج رائع لتحرير صورك بكل سهولة ينصح بأستعماله وتجربته

Paint your photos not only with color but also with texture - many variations

Photo-Brush is an image editor, natural and artistic media painting software, picture retouching utility, and photo enhancer.

It has many rich tools and effects for photo adjusting and photo retouching found in much more expensive professional tools.

It is also one of very few featured image editors supporting full range of EXIF informations from Digital Camera images.

There are also some effects and tools you can hardly find elsewhere. You can easily correct all unwanted problems of your digital images, you can create a new painting or web graphics.

Here are some key features of "Photo-Brush":

· Open and work on many images at the same time
· Load an save Exif information from digital camera jpg files
· More than 30 different Brushes
· Each brush have its own libraries of predefined variations
· You can paint not only with color but also with texture - many variations
· Image Nozzle for spraying cute images
· Support for PSP Picture Tubes
· Natural and artistic brushes simulate real painting techniques
· Using cloning techniques you can turn photography into painted art
· 3D brushes simulates shaded pipes or ropes
· Support for pressure sensitive tablets
· Texture pick can make a seamless texture from any part of your image
· TWAIN support for scanners and digital cameras
· Support also for 32 bit film scanners
· Support for Adobe compatible plug-in filters (*.8bf)
· Filter plug-ins can even be used across the nettwork
· Photo-Brush can search for the plug-ins
· Support for external procedure plug-ins called Extras (*.xtr)
· Many standad image adjusting tools and color corrections
· Automatic enhancing of images from digital cameras and scanners
· Many build-in filters and effects
· Photo Retouch brushes can "paint" contrast, sharpness, color corrections etc..
· Special Brushes for Red eye removal or cleaning of the skin, warping
· Adding beautiful Lens flares or sparkles to your images.
· Antialiased text with rendered shadows or 3D look
· The Rubber Stamp can cycle - wrap on the image
· 12 standard modes for any brush, image nozzle, stamp or othe retouching and special effect brushes.
· Edge-Smart Brush mode for edge - sensitive painting
· Multiple Undo and Redo
· Colorize images
· The help file explains each tool and procedure with examples and detailed 'behind the scene" descriptions
· Support for major image formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX, TGA and Adobe PSD
· Fast loading
· RAW support


· 1 GHz processor or better
· 2 GB of RAM
· 1 GB of free disk space
· Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (highly recommended higher resolution)


· 30-day trial
· Nag screen

What's New in This Release:

· New Interface, improved Chromatic Aberration
· Little Planet Feature
· Color Lab, works using new natural LRGBY color enhancing - produce instant photo-magazine grade vivid images with a touch of few dials. It allows for more flexible, natural dynamic color enhancements, without the typical over-processed look when using RGB or HSL.
· Fractal Droste for image-in-image effects
· Interactive Liquid Warp allows you to warp images with various brushes. A clear favourite for changing face expressions, thinning figures or creating caricatures of your favourite family members. Detail Subdivision Level allows you to warp smallest detail as well as the whole image.
· Improved Adobe Photo-Shop plug-ins now recognizes most new and old Adobe Compatible plug-ins including our new ReDynamix
· Improved RAW and Exif support

مطور برنامج: mediachance
ترخيص: Trial
سعر برنامج: USD 45.00
الحجم برنامج: 12.9 MB
نظام التشغيل: Windows XP / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

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  • Photo-Brush 5.30 تحميل برنامج فوتو بروش صور برنامج

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